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Makeup Trends For Fall 2009

Many women stick to their makeup – as in brand-wise and style. But there are already outdated styles of makeup that need to be upgraded especially now that it’s already the 21st century. Though some familiar selling 3d mink lashes styling still exist, such as those that call for dark lips and eyes, the makeup companies have also upgraded their color schemes to match the ever-changing trends in fashion. This year’s fall trend, the colors that made it through the runways and red carpets are contrasting colors- dramatic and deep hues against natural and very light backgrounds.

The Eyes

selling 3d mink lashes
selling 3d mink lashes

As mentioned earlier, bold colors are in for selling 3d mink lashes and that doesn’t stop there because you can also go for dark shades of eye shadow such as purple, earthy colors like browns and forest greens. Bronze and gold and other metallic colors are also hot for this fall.

Smokey eye look is still in and you can experiment with the dark eye shadows with black eyeliner and mascara- the darker and bolder, the better.

Voluminous mascara is definitely a hit for this fall. Flaunting the eyes with thick, full lashes are always in.

The Eyebrows

Natural and bold eyebrows as in these days so don’t over-pluck or over-sculpt them. Just let your full, natural brows as is and if you want to trim them, just make it minimal.

The Foundation

Again, just keep it light and minimal. For foundations, it is best to use light or natural colors to keep your facial complexion natural. Avoid using too heavy foundation especially the cake-type because they’re quite heavy on the skin and don’t look natural. It is more preferable to use the powder foundation since it leaves a natural feel and look on the skin.

The Blush

Powdered blush of natural colors are in. Enough of the deep pinks and oranges because they’re a thing of the past. If you notice, it’s always the eyes and lips that matter when it comes to selling 3d mink lashes, the cheeks need only minimal blush to make them look natural.

The Lips

Dark, red lipstick is in for the fall of 2009. The brightest of reds and berries are the best colors for the fall this year because it’s the lips that make an impact when you look at a made-up face. The lips or the eyes are the focal points of the face whenever you look at them, so might as well flaunt them.

You might be put off using deep purple lipstick, but it is one of the colors that are in right now. Don’t think runway models are the only ones who can pull it off, just make sure you use complimenting eye colors for this shade. However, use a lighter shade for the eyes if you want to focus on your lips only.

The Nails

Berries, purples, metallic and dark colors are in for the nails. They compliment your makeup and adds drama to your look. However, consider the event and location if you wish to use these bold shades. It’s advisable not to use them in the office or when doing business

The trend for fall 2009 for selling 3d mink lashes is bold, colorful, fun and a bit of drama. Remember to use only one focal point on your face and it’s either the eyes of lips. When you use a dark shade for the eyes, natural colors for the lips is better, and vice versa.

selling 3d mink lashes
selling 3d mink lashes

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