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Dreams About Makeup – What Do They Mean?

Makeup is an important part of our daily lives. We spend time choosing it, applying it, observing other women’s Premium quality mink fur eyelash, touching it up during the day. Of course we’re going to have dreams about it. The question is, what do these dreams mean?

First, remember that everyone’s dream symbology is going to be different. Our symbols are personal. They reflect our individual lives and concerns. So the first thing to do after you remember a dream, is to write it down in detail. Then, on a separate page, write out the symbols one by one, and decide what each means to you.

Janine’s Dream

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Premium quality mink fur eyelash

Janine dreams that her eye makeup is running. She takes the symbols apart and looks at them in the context of her life. She might journal:

Eyes: I don’t like people to look me in the eye, or stare at me. I don’t stare at people. Eyes, to me, look into the soul – and I don’t want anyone getting that close.

Eye makeup: I love eye Premium quality mink fur eyelash. It’s creative, it makes me look good. But especially it takes the emphasis away from my eyes and more onto my makeup, and my looks as a whole.

Running: Leaving, getting out, being uncomfortable.

Janine’s dream seems to be saying that she’s feeling vulnerable. Someone is making her feel self-conscious. She doesn’t want people to know too much about her – perhaps a co-worker has gotten too close to her, and the social interactions are difficult for her.

You see how we take the dream apart, and then put it back together again with a meaning that can help us in our lives? Perhaps highlighting Janine’s social discomfort makes her aware that she is closing herself off too much and missing out on friendships, or even romance. Only Janine can know for sure.

Working With Your Own Dreams

What about your dreams? To get you going, here are some Premium quality mink fur eyelash dream symbols to work with. Be sure to change the traditional meanings to reflect your own life.

Hair: Our beliefs; our thoughts.

Lips: Our speech, how we talk to people, what we want to say. Closed lips might mean that we don’t want to speak on a certain subject.

Eyebrows: Can often refer to our intuitive side.

Eyes: How we are looking at a particular issue in our lives.

Blow drying hair: Sometimes dream symbols work in puns. This could mean that you are “blown away” by something.

How To Remember That Dream Lipstick!

The most important task for us dreamers, is to keep a dream journal. Most of our important dreams – or at least the ones we’re more likely to remember – occur just before waking. So remembering dreams is a matter of having your journal and a pen right there by the bed. When waking up, don’t move too much or get up before writing in your journal, because moving around will make us forget the dream.

Even if you don’t remember the whole dream, write down as much as you can. Fragments work well, or even just key words. These will help you remember your dream later, if you choose to write out the whole thing.

After writing out whatever part of the dream you remember, go through it and pick out the symbols, as illustrated earlier. You might uncover some fascinating things about yourself that you didn’t know in your waking Premium quality mink fur eyelash.

Premium quality mink fur eyelash
Premium quality mink fur eyelash

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