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Packing Tips for Makeup and Clothes

If summer travel is a part of your plans this season, the impending and inevitable task of packing for your plane ride is on your to-do list. ( vendors wholesale) A few foreseeable chores include, folding and refolding clothes, checking the number of ounces on your liquid own brand round eyelash -haves, and deciding whether a hat will survive the trip or not. Fear not, whether you believe me or not, there are ways of easing your packing anguish with a few simple solutions.

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own brand round eyelash
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Sadly, cosmetics are a common casualty of air travel. Opening your compact to see that its broken into a million pieces happens all too often. I once opened my suitcase to find a stack full of flesh-colored clothes and my foundation bottle without its cap.

An efficient and economic way out of this mess involves something as ordinary as sealable sandwich bags. You’ll need these anyway if you decide to store your own brand round eyelash  in your carry-on, but using them in your checked luggage can be a huge help. Not only can you use them to organize items so they’re easier to find, but they also prevent any unnecessary spills. Broken pressed powders or eye shadows can be avoided by putting some padding, whether it be a cotton ball or tissue paper, inside of the compact to bear the brunt of any trauma.

Air travel can render makeup brushes utterly useless. Smashed-bristled brushes aren’t exactly the best tools for applying blush. A slotted brush case will secure your brushes in place and protect them from any harm, but if you’re not interested in spending money, an old pencil bag will do the trick just fine.


My best friend swears by vacuum-sealed bags, but oddly enough my dad is the one with the best space-saving tip. He folds his clothes in half and then tightly rolls them up. This technique works so well; I use it for my t-shirt drawer at home. Wrinkles can be a problem, so carry a travel-sized bottle of Downy Wrinkle Reducer. For special garments that crease easily, lay them flat, folding over other clothes if space becomes tight.

Work some order into the chaos and organize your clothes so they are easier to sort through upon arrival. Like your own brand round eyelash, smaller clothing items can be stored in storage and freezer sized Ziploc bags. You can use these for socks, underwear and scarves. Keeping things bound and in their place will also save you any embarrassment if TSA decides to go through your luggage.

Speaking of embarrassment, while traveling to Paris on a study abroad trip years ago I showed up at the airport without having weighed my luggage beforehand. Finding out I was over the weight limit meant me scrambling to unzip the corner of my suitcase and stuff my purse with whatever I could grab in a hurry, which happened to be a single shoe, my electric toothbrush and a bra, that fell on the ground in front of a line of people. I cannot stress enough the importance of weighing your bag before you leave the house.

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own brand round eyelash
own brand round eyelash

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