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Struggling to Avert Domestic Meltdown

Do you feel like you’re stealing from “Peter to pay Paul”, or vice mink false lashes? I certainly can empathize with that. For some of us it’s been a challenge to make ends meet most of our lives, but these days, it’s becoming a war fast. I don’t have the answers to make things better, and all I can say is that I have to try and do my best, whatever that may be.

Yes,wkhair  I admit when I was younger, I tended to be very frivolous at times and did not care to be responsible when it came to my finances. Being a sole provider puts things into a different perspective quickly. Not that this “mink false lashes-up” view solves the issues at hand and automatically puts an end to any financial crisis. One becomes anxious, if not depressed, and overwhelmed on what to do and how to keep from literally drowning in debt.


For example, it seems to be a burden just to cover the basics of our everyday lives, which we don’t take so much for granted anymore, when the “lights go out”. Buying groceries these days for many of us is becoming a luxury fast. I for one mink false lashes dread going to the grocery store. I’ve never liked it and now I practically despise going shopping for everyday necessities. Maybe someday I’ll receive an “Oscar” for my brave, almost noble, never-bat-an-eyelash countenance at the register when I get the tally for my purchases. I think I’m beyond shell shocked these days; mainly because my mind feverishly goes over what is left in the bank and what bill can still be paid and what will need to be put on hold for the next round.

I loathe the fact that I have to be grateful for even having a job these days, because I’m far from satisfied, never mind happy, in my work, but I am thankful to have what I have, because instead of completely drowning, I can at least tread water. These days that’s mink false lashes saying something, since too many have less than I. In other words, this is all I now to avert a domestic meltdown. I have to do what I need to, and that means going to a dreaded job, because for now, that is all there is between survival and certain failure for me. In the meantime, whenever possible, I browse the internet for ideas to supplement my meager income and I check out the job ads, though I must admit this is moving at a snail’s pace.

Many of us are in a sad state, but the irony of it all is that in a twisted sort of way, we are all mink false lashes in the cause to survive, in the hope for the state of things to improve and to take care of our children the best we know how, because that’s what parents do.


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