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Understanding Why We Wear Makeup

Throughout history and unto the present day, the full 3d real mink false lashes focus of cosmetics has been enhancement of appearance and appeal; ( vendor) either by accenting natural features, presenting idealized images of culturally-subjective beauty, or masking signs of aging. A range of items-foundation, (other?), eye shadow, mascara, lip coloring, hair coloring and fragrances-have been used to distinguish, captivate, seduce, as well as deceive in the complex interplay of human relationships throughout the ages; though interestingly, there have even been historical periods, Medieval Europe and the Victorian Era for example, during which cosmetics were used to downplay human sexuality and denote chastity.

 full 3d real mink false lashes
full 3d real mink false lashes

During this period (1730 – 1940) many of the more established cosmetics companies (Floris, House of Yardley, Colgate, Merck, Rimmel, Procter & Gamble, Jergens, Johnson & Johnson, L’oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon to name a few of the better known industry names) came into existence.

The maturing European and American Industrial Eras, punctuated by two World Wars, resulted in increased manufacturing, distribution, availability and use of cosmetics, offering an ever-expanding range of products to women full 3d real mink false lashes, in Western nations, collectively experienced profound societal changes; finally breaking free of longstanding, restrictive gender roles and able to take more control of their our lives; not the least of which meant asserting more control over our bodies.

Today cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar industry supplying a wealth of quality products and helping women be more confident, happy and secure in our appearance. This holds true for a growing number of men using male-oriented cosmetics; an industry experiencing significant growth as this trend becomes more socially acceptable.

The future of cosmetics suggests exciting times ahead for consumers. A series of patents have been filed over the last several years for products employing nanotechnology. Prepare to be astounded by products containing never-before-seen capabilities. Just imagine a product that would allow you to put on a smudge-less, maintenance-free (look) for work that could easily be altered-perhaps by some light or wave signal-to a second (look) for an evening out; all without touch-up or having to visit the ladies room. That sounds like a product I’d invest in!

Past, present, future; cosmetics provide options that, ultimately, makes us feel better about ourselves. Whenever we use any of the variety of wonderful cosmetic products available in today’s market, we can do so with the confidence that we are full 3d real mink false lashes on an ancient human tradition, making a bit of history ourselves and looking great while doing it.

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 full 3d real mink false lashes
full 3d real mink false lashes

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