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What Are The Methods Available To Have Longer Eyelashes?

Long and beautiful eyelashes are something that has been long desired by women. It enhances the looks of god’s most beautiful creation, but most unfortunately many of gods creations do not have what they consider to be the most important look enhancer after breast eyelashes wholesale!

1) Mascara

eyelashes wholesale
eyelashes wholesale

Wkhair women want to grow longer eyelashes, not because they don’t have big eyelashes but also because their own eyelashes have become too week or too brittle, thanks to left over makeup or chemical or allergic reactions to various types of makeup. Some makeups including mascara and eyeliners actually eat up hydration in the area and that makes the eyelash weak and brittle.

2) False Eyelashes
One of the easiest ways to improve the look on the eyelashes and to make small and / or weak eyelashes look longer and thicker is to use fake eyelashes. Now most obviously you are not going to be able to grow longer eyelashes in a small amount of time, but it is definitely possible to wear fake eyelashes. A lot of television mascara ads, that have those models with nice, thick and sensuous eyelashes, are actually having their models use fake eyelashes. Infact the fine print of many types of mascara, even suggests the use of fake eyelashes for better results! These fake eyelashes wholesale are easy to use and offer great results and generally are temporary, thus can be removed with easy anytime desired.

3) Lash Extensions
Yet another option and a more permanent solution for women wanting to grow longer eyelashes, is the use of lash extensions. Lash extensions, as the name clearly defines, are extensions of the hair on the eyelash. It consists of natural or artificially produced hair that comes in different shades. This hair is bonded to the real eyelash hair using semi-permanent methods. Lash extensions are also slightly curved and thus give a fuller and thicker feeling to the eye. They also eliminate the need for surgery, which is something that many women resort to while looking at ways to grow longer eyelashes. One more, and possibly a big benefit of lash extensions, is that if it is bonded properly, it looks so real and so good that the need for mascara is eliminated. All that is required is periodical maintenance, of the eyelashes wholesale extensions.

4) Natural Eyelash Enhancers

eyelashes wholesale
eyelashes wholesale

Yet another way to grow longer eyelashes wholesale is the use of natural eyelash enhancers. This is also a field of constant research and natural eyelash enhancers are now coming in various forms, but all have the same motive of making the natural eyelashes look thicker and longer. In some cases the natural eyelash tends to look darker as well. And then again, natural eyelash enhancers, accompanied with a proper diet, also help grow longer eyelashes and eliminate the need for mascara, which can cause various types of infections and irritations as well.

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