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What Do Marketing Copy and Ladies’ Makeup Have in Common?

Have you ever noticed two women together and although they customized false eyelash have the same facial features, ( eyelash vendors) one looks stunningly beautiful, while the other looks “made-up” – and that’s all you really see?

The beautiful woman might be wearing the same kind of customized false eyelash as the other woman, but you don’t even see it because it was applied well. Not too much, not too little – but just enough, applied in the right places to enhance the woman’s best features.

customized false eyelash
customized false eyelash

What you might see on the other woman is bright red spots on her cheeks that make you think of a clown, or bright blue eye-shadow that simply looks startling. Or maybe it’s the heavy black eyeliner that draws all your attention to the customized false eyelash instead of the face beneath it. Under the makeup she may be even more beautiful than the other woman, but you don’t notice that.

Copy can be just the same.

Well-written copy looks like it landed on the page with no effort whatsoever. The copywriter may have spent 6 or 8 hours creating that one page, but when it’s finished, you won’t even see the words. All you’ll see is the message those words were intended to convey.

Poor copy, on the other hand, draws plenty of attention to itself. It makes you stumble all over yourself to wade through sentences that don’t flow together, and makes you stop for another look at some words to figure out what the writer meant. Maybe it rambles on and makes you think “Get to the point, will you.”

Sometimes, it’s just the choice of “over the top” words used to describe a product or service that make you shake your head and think “Who do they think they’re kidding?”

So check your messages before you send them out into the world. If they draw attention to the words instead of the message, it’s time for a re-write.

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in making people feel good about buying your products or services.

She has extensive experience in writing search engine optimized web copy, e-mail campaigns, direct sales letters, postcards, newsletters, press releases, and more. She is also available for marketing plan creation and editing services.

You can visit her .While you’re customized false eyelash, sign up for one of her marketing ezines. She promises to gently nag you about ways to make your own marketing efforts more productive – whether you’re selling a product or providing a service.

customized false eyelash
customized false eyelash

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