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10 Biggest Makeup Mistakes

1.  3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes on the bottom lash ( – mink eyelash vendors wholesale)

Why? It closes in the eye in a “spidery” unflattering way. Use shadow for depth, it’s softer and more youthful.

2. A lack of utilizing shadow

I see women all the time wearing mascara and eyeliner on the top lid, but forgoing the shadow! If you are committing to wearing any 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes, a splash of a soft earth tone shadow all over the lid does wonders for your eyes. (takes 1 minute)

3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes
3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes

3. Pasty face

With all the bronzing cremes, blushes, luminizers, why do many insist on looking dead?

4. Straight lashes

A lash curler aka “lash bender” is one of the most valuable pieces of beauty equipment. We cannot see a lash that is sticking straight out people!

5. Pop, soda, diet soda, soda pop!

Yes, your face, therefore your 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes, is highly affected by the fluid in your body. Water is your best friend. Sugary chemicals just don’t HELP natural beauty in anyway at all.

6. Smoking

Let’s see, death, leathery skin, dark spots, and a voice like Harvey Fierstein…need I say more?

7. Imbalance

Heavy eyes or heavy lips? You can have one, just not both. Otherwise you look like a hooker.

8. Commitment

Arrghhh. This one gets me. Are you wearing makeup or are you not? If you are not, you should stay away from liner and mascara, it just doesn’t look right with unfinished skin. If you want to move a step above “bare face” (which you should feel comfortable doing and do a lot so your skin can breathe and renew) Just dabble your cheeks with blush or bronzer, bend your lashes, and dab a little concealer around the nose and bridge. If you feel you need more, then commit to a light wash of foundation, a little concealer of all areas, then add a little liner and lashes on your canvas. Faces look good in steps. You would not paint your house before the foundation is finished!

9. Attack of the face

I have met countless women who are attacking their faces with scrubs, medication, hands, to try and make their skin better. When I touch their face, it feels hard and abused. Then, when I meet women with beautiful, glowing skin, and ask them what they do, they reply: “nothing” Gently wash your face daily, go without makeup when you can, and just let it be. Your face has a delicate eco system all its own.

10. Brows

This is the biggest one. Many women DO get this one, and you can tell. While others do not get this one, and you can tell. Take a look at photos of some Latin celebrities or European women, they understand the natural importance of brows. I carry brow templates, and enhancers to guide you to sexy brows.

Jennifer Campain is a wife, mother of 2 sons, a licensed and; certified 3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes artist, and founder of the Jennifer Campain Makeup Studio

3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes
3D siberian mink fur false eyelashes

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