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Great Halloween Tips – How to Make Zombie Makeup

Halloween is coming and all of us are talking about how we will decorate ourselves on the Halloween party. We want to find something different this time. ( lashes wholesale) In the following article, I will share some tips on how to make zombie 3d mink false strip lashes.

Use the lightest foundation.

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

To make this zombie look last longer in the Halloween party, we need to apply foundation primer before the other steps. Then we should choose the foundation with the lightest tone because zombies are dead and lacking in fresh blood; this is exactly what we want.

You can apply the foundation with your hand or with a sponge. Both of them are OK because we don’t need very delicate effects. Try to apply 2 times more than the amount you usually use, which helps us create a pale look.

How about the wound?

Well, it’s very easy to make wound with toilet paper (washroom tissue). Stick some paper on the place you want. You can create the shape of wound you want by hand. The last step is to fill the wound with fresh tomato sauce.

Use lip concealer and nude lipstick.

We all know that zombies are not live anymore, so their lips must be pale. Usually, a nude lipstick can’t 100% cover our original lip color, so we need lip concealer. Apply the lip concealer to your dry lips and pat it until it is absorbed, then apply the 3d mink false strip lashes lipstick. You can also add some red lip gloss to the corner of your mouth.

Wear grey contact lenses.

Grey contact lenses will make you look like dead people. When you are wearing grey contact lenses, eye contact between you and others will be immediately horrible and scary! You can also choose red contact lenses to make your eyes even more evil.

Use dark eyeshadow for your eyes.

We want to create dark circles around the eyes, so we need dark eyeshadow. When creating dark circles, avoid using eyeshadow which contains glitter. We should choose eyeshadow which is totally matte. What’s more, don’t forget to darken the skin around your mouth.

The keyword is always “gross”.

Remember, the only keyword of this zombie style is “gross”. You have to make everything on your face as gross as possible. For better effects, you can hold a fake bone in your hand and apply red paint on your clothes. My imagination is so limited that I can only come up with these ideas and I’m sure you have smarter ones, right?

Well, all the above are my ideas on how to make zombie 3d mink false strip lashes for an unforgettable Halloween party. I sincerely hope they are helpful to you.

I love writing and I love life. Life is meaningless when we stop sharing. Here I strongly recommend -3d mink false strip lashes], perhaps you will find amazing ornaments for Halloween here. Best wishes!

3d mink false strip lashes
3d mink false strip lashes

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