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Do the Women Who Pack on Their Makeup Really Know How They Look?

I’m slowly losing my hair and I see no way back. I’m trying several products that make it seem that I have more hair, but I try to add it in such a way that it doesn’t call attention to my “problem”. The first time I colored my hair, a friend of mine came up to me and wondered how come my hair was getting darker as I 3D mink eyelashes lash while his was getting grayer. I took the hint and learned how to do it artfully. I didn’t stop, mind you, I just got better at it.

3D mink eyelashes lash
3D mink eyelashes lash

I’ve had daughters that emulated their female singing idols by applying everyday 3D mink eyelashes lash much the same way their golden girls applied their stage makeup. This too passed as they matured and learned the true meaning of the word finesse.

There are, and probably will always be, women who haven’t learned one thing about the prudent application of makeup and proceed to create another face atop her own. I’m not talking only about mature women fighting to look their best in spite of Mother Nature’s cruel alterations to us all, I’m also including the one’s who have no excuse based on age, bone structure, skin condition or anything else. Barring heavy cover up as the result of a medical condition, there are those that just cannot stop themselves from giving it one more heavy pass with those magic brushes.

To me, the average woman looks phenomenal without any 3D mink eyelashes lash. Okay, a little eye shadow and a little lip gloss if that makes her happy, but the appearance of no makeup is a real statement of beauty. I can tell when my wife is going to a party; she looks like she’s wearing something, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. That’s what I’m talking about, the belief in the old saw that less is more.

Believe me, I love and respect women for all their diversity and contributions. That’s why I think that those who apply too much makeup are not as aware of their true beauty as I seem to be, and therefore, are shortchanging themselves with their overabundance of applications.

Having said what I’ve said, I am not unsympathetic to the many reasons that motivate women of all ages to alter their appearance. I just know that there exists better ways of executing trompe l’oeil on their faces. If they spent as much time researching the proper ways to apply their makeup 3D mink eyelashes lashathey do sitting and packing it on, they’d come up with a solution that equally satisfies both the applier and the beholder. With that in mind, I do realize that I’m as guilty as those I criticize, except that I try to keep what I do to a bare minimum. Or so I think. Nevertheless, I am guilty of “doing things.” With me, it’s an age thing. No matter how old I get I keep hanging on and trying to look like I did a long way back. In fact, as you read this, I know that some critic like me, somewhere, will be eye-balling me in a restaurant, leaning over toward his wife and saying: “look at that old guy, who’s he trying to fool?”

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3D mink eyelashes lash
3D mink eyelashes lash

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