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Celebrity and Special Occasion Makeup and Self Esteem

As a master artist and coach, I get to relate intimately with my clients through 3D mink eyelashes extensions application, hair styling, wardrobe grooming and body and voice coaching.

I’ve often observed however that the low self-esteem of women and girls is mis-used for marketing and selling techniques in the cosmetics and fashion industries. And the current sexual objectification of women in all media has become rampant. As an ethical artist, I help clients develop skills to enhance their exterior as well as to “glam it up”, and as important, to recognize the difference and what’s appropriate and when.

3D mink eyelashes extensions
3D mink eyelashes extensions

The illusion that a lipstick or product will armor a femme fatal with everything she needs in place of healthy self-esteem is a misnomer. However, a well-designed 3D mink eyelashes extensions and the “right” lipstick can have a positive impact on a gal’s psyche and presentation.

The trend of “retail therapy” fixes what ails you is simply an addiction based perspective. The purchase of a new lipstick, accessory or dress to make a woman feel better rather than for its appropriateness, supports that addiction and feeds the wrong ideas about a woman’s body and its value in society.

Scenario – feeling low a gal is enticed to think she will get a lift if she purchases a lipstick. Often a counter person is instructed to tell them “how fabulous it looks”, even when it doesn’t! And many counter makeup artists aren’t bona fide. Believing, she makes the purchase and gets the addiction “high”. When the result may not deliver, she is subliminally persuaded through scandalous amounts of advertising, that she just needs a different shade, product line, wardrobe, hair do, car, man, house, career, life and so on. Like all addictions, needs escalate and if not attended to self-esteem destructs.

Most people looking to have an “image makeover” are usually in a business other than “show business”. When “show” or “celebrity” makeup is recommended for business social events, bridal parties, reunions, presentations and other social soirees, many TV shows and mass advertising do women of all ages a disservice.”Celebrity” 3D mink eyelashes extensions and hair should be reserved for the “entertainment” industry, Halloween, theatrics and similar events.

“Enhancement” or “special occasion” makeup is best designed in a way that focuses your strengths. When we see a person’s “3D mink eyelashes extensions ” rather than their personality then things are simply out of balance.

Its fun to look like a star, but if you need to impress your husband’s or wife’s boss at an event, be taken seriously about presenting a topic, make the best impression at an interview, or have people hear what you say rather than fixate on how you look, then a serious approach to appearance is imperative. What the cosmetics industry in general and some makeup artists tell us is the “right” product or technique is often misleading.

Natural enhancements are best for the majority. For evening, dim lighting or distance between you and your audience, simply intensify everything in a balanced way.

Tip – even skin tone communicates health; well-shaped brows and lips are the architectural foundation of the face; enhanced eye-shape and facial symmetry communicates balance. And defined lashes are the doorway to the eyes. This approach creates a look of health and vibrancy.

Tip – many magazine articles and artists tout black eyeliner and mascara for light skinned people – even blonds! Audiences see their makeup – not them. Dark brown is more natural for Caucasians. This approach also allows for true eye colour to pop in a natural and fresh way.

Tip – the brighter or more fluorescent the lipstick, the more the lips become the focus rather than the eyes. Once again balance is key.

Tip – well-designed makeup capably applied only takes 10-12 minutes and lasts more than 12 hours requiring only an occasional touch-up.

Many companies and artists contradict themselves and this is confusing. Find an artist you have confidence in – view their work or portfolio – know their approach with clients and views toward age and event appropriate makeup.

3D mink eyelashes extensions should be designed to suit you – not the cosmetics industry. Result – everybody wins!

3D mink eyelashes extensions
3D mink eyelashes extensions

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