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Date Makeup 101 – How to Get the Right Look, Regardless of Destination!

You’ve only got one shot at a first impression, which is why first dates can be so intimidating. ( vendors) Of course, chances are you’ve already made a fairly good first impression, which is why you’re going on said date in the first place, but it’s still 3D mink eyelashes extensions to turn up looking your best.

While you may spend hours agonising over what to wear and throwing every item of clothing in your closet haphazardly on your bed, the real focus point should be your face–after all, if he’s worth his salt at all, that’s what he’ll be talking to! A good skin care regime can take an ordinary outfit to a stunning one simply by highlighting that all important outlet for your personality–your kisser!

3D mink eyelashes extensions
3D mink eyelashes extensions

Of course, getting the 3D mink eyelashes extensions style right for the occasion is a must as well, so we’ve put together three different date-makeup looks so you’ll be sorted (almost) anywhere you go!

The Daytime Date
First off, if he’s suggested a day-time first date then bravo–he’s obviously put a bit more thought and originality into where to take you! In terms of makeup, you want to be subtle and dewy, with light, fresh colours to complement the natural light. The key to looking natural yet polished on a date is blending. Apply your foundation in the best natural light you can find and take extra care to make sure it doesn’t eave a line!

Mascara should be dark brown, or if you’ve got very dark eyes, black–but don’t layer it on too heavily. Instead of heavy eyeliner, try dusting a brown or grey eyeshadow along the outer rim of your bottom lid–it’ll open your eyes without a harsh line. Lighten your brow line by smoothing a shimmery eyeshadow underneath your eyebrow, and enhance cheekbones and forehead with a light translucent bronzer. Done!

The Casual Pub Date
If you’re meeting him at a casual pub for a few drinks, the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable because you’re over-dressed. The same goes for your makeup, which means that while you can go a little more dramatic than day-wear, the look should still be relatively low key. Try replacing the bronzer with a shimmery peach or rose blush, complemented with a light lip stain for that rosebud pout. A grey or brown eyeshadow will take you into a more night-time look, and you can feel free to darken up those peepers–you want them to have their effect in a dark pub! Stay away from bright eyeshadow or dark lips–they’ll take your look into more dressy territory.

The Glam Night Out
If you’re about to be taken on a fabulously glamourous night out, then that’s your excuse to give it all you’ve got in terms of dramatic eyes and sultry lips. If you’re going to be using a bright or dark lipstick then try to stick with a black, grey or brown eye, and similarly if you’ve gone for out-there eye makeup, keep lips neutral. Use a black liner to accentuate the lash line on the top and bottom of your eye and get your sexiest pout going on–there’s no excuse not to feel and look like a movie start!

Regardless of your 3D mink eyelashes extensions preferences or the look that you’re going for, clean, well looked-after skin always speaks for itself, so a good skin care regime using quality products like those of the Dermalogica range will help you look fresh even without the makeup. Have fun!

3D mink eyelashes extensions
3D mink eyelashes extensions

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